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After living their lives in Sydney, Ian and Lib Mobbs decided they wanted a quieter place to raise their 2 children, Nigel, three years old and Jason 1 year old. Ian was service supervisor for McCulloch Australasia and so when they moved to the Mid North Coast in 1972, began repairing chainsaws in his shed at home and so began a McCulloch dealership right there in the shed. As the business improved Lib and Ian purchased the old timber N.R.M.A garage in the nearby village of Krambach in 1977. The area had a large timber industry and when McCulloch dropped the larger saws from their range Ian started to look for replacement brand, and there was the answer, Husqvarna. In 1981 the partnership between Mobbs family and Husqvarna began.

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By 1983 the N.R.M.A. garage combined with the growing chainsaw business was too much for Ian, Lib and their staff to manage, so in 1983 they sold the garage and purchased a tin shed on the block next door, with a total area of 65 square metres for the entire building, with a workshop, showroom and office all crammed into this space and known as Krambach Chainsaws. In December 1986 Jason left high school and began working in the shop and learning his trade. Cutting his teeth on the ‘old school’ saws with no chain brake, no anti-vibration damping, these heavy loud saws were certainly a contrast to the high tech equipment offered by Husqvarna today.

On the 9th of October 1987 the near 100 year old garage was burnt down, nearly taking Krambach Chainsaws with it. With no petrol supplier in town for 7 years the Mobbs family decided to fix the problem, at which point Jason purchased a 1/3 share of the business and the new partnership bought the old garage block black and built a new service station and Husqvarna dealership across the 2 blocks they now owned. This purpose built served them well with both business growing, after many years of hard work and in 2011 the Mobbs family sold the service station business and concentrated on the power equipment business. In 2014, they sold the freehold building, with a view to Lib and Ian retiring. Jason was ready for a change after 30 years in the one job and with an opening coming up at Port Macquarie for a new dealer, decided to take the opportunity and go out on his own with the new venture ‘Port Mower World’.

This new facility is stocked with a huge range of Husqvarna outdoor power equipment ranging from hand held battery equipment to the largest AWD riders, zero turns and lawn tractors, with everything in between. The immaculate 200 square metre showroom has something for everyone looking for outdoor power equipment, from the smallest back yard, to the commercial operator and is backed by Jason’s 30 years experience in the industry, both in sales and service. There is a fully equipped workshop at the rear with all staff trained by the Husqvarna training facility.

Contact us by phone or email, or just come in and browse the extensive range of equipment now on offer in the new, modern facility.

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